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High School Reunion

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Last night I realized that 2009 is 15 years since I graduated high school.... the next logical conclusion is that there must be a reunion. Within seconds, a google search found the site for my school and year's reunion. As fate would have it, despite the fact that I moved ~20 miles out of the district, the reunion is right down the street from me. Without even thinking about it, I happily bought my tickets and now I have 2.5 months to prepare my self for it.

It's been a long time since I've looked like this and I can't wait to see how everyone else has changed ;D

I've never been to one of these things though and I'm anxious to hear other peoples reunion stories. Let's hear them!

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Get a wig (or let your hair grow if its close) and go back looking exactly like that! :) I'd like to hear stories too. I skipped my 10-year, and we didnt have a 15-year.
My school was very small, I only graduated in a class of 70. We had a five year reunion. I was going to go, because my girlfriend at the time wanted me to, we went to the same highschool.

She ended up getting sick or something and we didn't go. I wasn't really that dissapointed, just about everyone I went to school with was an ******* anyway. I might do the 10 year if we have one, just to see if the biggest jerks crashed and burned. But I doubt we'll have one.
No, thank you.

The only one, from my high school, that I want to keep in touch with, is the one that became my wife. :)
Isn't that what facebook is for?
only been out of high school for 2 years :p
only been out of high school for 2 years :p
Just wait... you'll be surprised how little time it really takes ;)
yeah i am seeing that already. it has been a fast two years. not liking it. time needs to slow down a bit
My 10 year is coming this year. Not as disturbed by that fact than the realization that the big 3-0 is quickly approaching. I don't feel like I've grown up. I still play video games and play paintball, just like I did when I was in High School. As to whether or not I'll be attending my reunion...I'm still undecided about it.
30 is the new 20.
15 is the new 18.. if ya know what i mean
15 is the new 18.. if ya know what i mean
giggity giggity
you had a helmet?? poosey ;)

OMG it's been 16 years for me :eek:
Went to my 5, it was a waste of time, as we were all either just getting out of the service or college then. We were all pretty much the same, including the cliques and dumb jokes. I missed my 10, as it was in the same room as my wedding reception the day before. Boinking in every conceivable location on the Isle of Palms with my new wife was a little more important than the losers who wouldn't give me the time of day a decade earlier. My next one ought to be coming up before too long, I may go just to see which men have less hair than me, and which of the girls bellied out like an old lunker bass after their 2.5 kids.
i'm married, but i think i'll be going solo. my ten year is this year. i'll be taking the sv with me.
either that or renting a ferrari or something ;) anybody ever ride their bike in a suit/tux?

That blows my mind every time I see this posted. Since I've seen more recent photos where you look more like Mr. Rogers than Slash.

Non-conformist Donnie ............................................ DonnieJ, SVR moderator
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I would imagine this would be closer to Donnies take on Mr. Rodgers
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:laughing4:, but the button up shirt and sweater is a must.
I had a little taste at a wedding I attended recently. Everyone that I knew from high school was there. This wedding was huge. I only graduated 5 years ago and it was horrible enough. I will not be attending any high school reunion in the future. Basically if there is anyone that I want to talk to I'm still in touch with them.
I went to my 20th high school class reunion, only one I've been too, other than a few from my neighborhood, I kept thinking to myself "who in *%k are these people" . anther year and it will be my 40th, I just recently went to my college 35th
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