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What's up, everyone! I've lurked on this site a lot, there's a ton of good info here. I've got a K6 naked with >47,000mi., all by me. Yes 47x10^3. I'll post a pic.
I've done a few mods so far, but as you might imagine I've spent most of my
cash on tires and oil , etc. Pirelli Diablo Stradas, or just Diablos, are my favorite
tires, and I've tried a few. I put on a Yoshi carbon tri-oval. Cool, but sort of a waste of money. I put on SV race shop dog bones that raised the back 15mm.
Nice, but I was going to the edge of the 120/60. So, I use a 120/70 front now, that helped a lot. SM type2 bars give a great riding position, well worth a buck fifty. I'm using galfer organic pads, which feel awesome...from what I can feel through the stock front. Which brings me to my latest mod, not yet installed.
I just ordered race tech springs (.85kg/mm) and gold valves from SVraceshop.
I can't wait..If anyone has done this, and I'm sure lot of you have, tell me what to expect. I have a feeling this is a key part of what I need to go to the next level..the track. I also have a clean shock from a K5 SV 1000 I got for $12 on e-bay. Has anyone done this swap? Center to center is the same, 13 inches. I know I'll probably have to dremel the battery box. Thanks everyone, ride fast and swerve!
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