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Hi peep's.

My girl and I have a few Suzi's in our garage.

The latest addition is the 07 SV650 with ABS. Grabbed it with 6400km on the clock for a price I was happy to pay. Came with a tail-tidy and hugger as well as bar-end mirrors and oggy's.
Fitted some Pilot Road 3's to it for the winter and am very happy with it so far...great for commuting and inner-urban street riding. it takes a bit of work to get the pegs to scrape tho. :naughty:

I find the motor has a much better range of useable torque & power, over a broader area of the rev-range, than the Gladius I used to own had but the low-down torque of the SV isn't as grunty as the Gladius used to be.
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