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Hi folks,
Looking for a wee bit of help with my 2000 Sv650. The bike had sat for two years so when I got it she was serviced and I replaced the battery with a new one. Unfortunately she's a pain in the arse at the mo. I rode it about 60 miles with the new battery, lights on and no issues. Stopp for a while and then rode another 30 miles to a mates place. Then she wouldn't start, multimeter put the new battery at 12.2 volts (then bumped) and as I revved it the multimeter showed the voltage going down as the bike revved not your usual up or steady voltage count. rode it home with the lights off but due to worsening weather I had to turn them on, when I used the indicator the needles on the clocks dropped.

I have ordered a new regulator and believe that the 1st gen sv were known for having faulty ones. My question is because the r/r may have gone will this also have caused the stator/alternator to become faulty as I have seen suggested in some threads. Is there a way to check the reliability of my stator? I have a multimeter but wouldn't be too au fait with checking ohms etc.

I just don't want to have got a new battery, new r/r and then have to replace the stator and perhaps the r/r again as the stator has overcooked it .

A wee bit of advice would be most welcome!

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