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Hey Guys!

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Brand new member here, and as my name says ;) I ride an 01 650S. Cooler is that my wife will be taking over this bike when I get my SV1000. That being said, I wasnt sure if I wanted to buy new or used, so I checked out the suzuki bike site and i couldnt find a listing for the SV1000!!! what's going on? I feel a great disturbance in the force!
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SV1K no longer marketed in USA... 2007 was last year for the US 1K
Probably can still find a new in crate somewhere, just pay the local dealer a transfer fee. Welcome!
Welcome to the forum. Probably find a leftover somewhere, but you should also consider a nice used thou. Get a good price plus a lot of goodies for next to nothing.
Hi 01SV650SBRLA, Welcome to SVR. When you get your SV1000 posts pics of both the bikes.

Have fun and ride safe!
Thanks for the welcomes guys, as soon as I get around to some pics, i'm gonna post pics of my 650, as I JUST frankensteined a Fast by Ferachi pipe... Sounds So Good!
Yup, theres no more 1k. If you have'nt already you might want to check out and sign up there too. It's a Louisiana sport riders site, we usually do group rides any time the weather is nice enough to go hit up some twisties.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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