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Hey guys, new to motorcycles

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Hey everyone. I just bought an 03 sv650 off of my friend. It is my first bike and I'll be on here a lot trying to learn all I can. So far I love my bike. My friend laid it down at 20 mph and the radiator is screwed up but other than that it is in great condition. Oh, I paid 1000 dollars for it. I think it was a good deal:). Oh, I have a 432 horsepower awd eclipse gsx but I think I like my sv better already. ;D Any recommendations on a good first mod. I'll be doing an oil, spark plug change and I need to fix the radiator too.
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suspension and tires are a big one. everything else is icing on the cake.
Cool, would you recommend the gsxr forks? I've read that they are a nice upgrade. What would you recommend?
Hi hx40GSX, Welcome to SVR.

Have fun and ride safe!

Motosliders...radiators love 'em.

I'm a newbie also! waiting on delivery of a 2008 sv650. This site has been really helpful. I got a couple of mods in mind also.
Welcome to the SV world. They are fun bikes.

At 13k on the bike, check the rear sprocket and chain unless your friend replaced them recently. At the very least, make sure it's adjusted properly.

1st mod is motosliders - get the package deal with the swingarm sliders you can use with a rear stand.

Major purchases you will want are: Gear - Helmet, Jacket, Gloves, and Boots at a minimum. Rear stand - makes routine maintenance alot easier.

My mod route is suspension first. Get a better shock under the rear and at least upgrade the fork oil in the front.

Once you get the necessary items done, look around in here for ideas on how you want to make your bike your own.
+1 on frame sliders. Motosliders (sponsor) are very good. Get'em NOW. Before you invest in radiator repair. (Just fix it once, OK?)
Gain a lot of riding experience before making any serious mods. YOU won't be able to realize any benefit from performance modifications as long as you're the principal limiting factor in your bike's performance envelope.
Getting fork springs/oil combination better suited to your weight would be a very good first upgrade. That will help you feel more in control and confident as you learn how to control your bike.
Like these guys have said, ride it for a while. Learn what you like and what you don't like about it. That way when you do make changes you actually feel the difference and know how much the specific mods are helping.

Oh, and congrats!
Welcome.Ride safe.$1000 is a super price.
Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm going to get the motosliders for sure just incase. I'll be doing lots of maintanance first. I'm going to do an oil change, spark plug change, most likely sprocket and chain. Would you guys recommend a different sprocket or just the stock one. I've read of people using different teeth count I think????? Just want to do it right the first time. I love the bike and I want to treat it well. Hopefully it treats me well back :)
keep the same number of teeth as stock until you learn what you like and want to do with the bike.

Sell your eclipse now and get a Metro. You'll want the $ for mods or another bike soon enough! :D
But I want the eclipse. I've regretted selling mine.

Congrats on getting into the biking world and $1000's! Sounds like a steal, have any pictures?

As to mods, yes suspension and tires will make the most difference.

Cant go wrong with GSX-R upgrades but unless you plan to get very aggressive you can save a few bucks and do some cheaper/easier mods...

Just springs (Under $100's) in the front will make it ride a lot better and give it a tighter feel (heavier springs of course) and decrease brake dive.

Then a GSX-R or ZX shock is best in the rear and can be had for well under $100's.

If you ever want a little more up front you can then add emulators to the springs and get more adjustability but if you want to go straight to the bling and adjustability of full GSX-R suspenders, that works fine to!

And for tires, you can search around but everybody on here basically uses Pilot Powers or Conti Road Attacks, both you can ride aggressively with, the PP's have a bit more grip but wont last as long as the RA's.
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Welcome. Like the others have said, ride the bike a while then you'll have an idea of what you want to do to YOUR bike.

The gsxr front end is $$$(+600) but springs are very reasonably priced (~$100). IMO its not necessary at all, but that's my opinion.
I'll post up some pics tomorrow of the bike. I'm putting my new euro handle bar on because the other one was bent to hell. Thanks for all of the advice guys. My ears are open to anything you guys recommend.
keep the same number of teeth as stock until you learn what you like and want to do with the bike.

Sell your eclipse now and get a Metro. You'll want the $ for mods or another bike soon enough! :D
Can I at least get the geo storm???;D
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