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So, I'm a noob, and I know it too. Oh, I'm also an ordained Dudeist Minister. That means I spend my time chillin' or learning how to better chill, and takin 'er easy, man.

But, honestly, I don't really talk like that, though I would if I could get away with it, but I think most people would, like smack ya', and stuff, so I don't. But I do like to chill, occassionally with a White Russian, but more often that not, with some Two Fingers Tequila, with or without Mt. Dew: that's called a T-Dew, if you're un-initiated to the ways of that libation.

In any case, I love to ride and currently am mounted, motorcyclely speaking, on a 2011 DL650 Vstrom I have named the Turtle. Not because it's slow, but because it's likes to try and nap in puddles and streams. I have learned to be very cautious while performing water crossings, for obvious reasons.

I also love bicycling, camping, hiking, fishing, and generally being, outdoors when I can, or just chillin', but I'd already said that...I also like hunting and sport shooting, but riding is my thing.

I am the president of the Kentucky chapter of the American Moto Gymkhana Riders Association. So far, there's one member (me) and we're/I'm having a great time running cones. It's a blast to see if you can be better than yourself, trying to improve your riding skill and proving it by riding against the clock. I'm hoping to convert my DL650 into a SV650S because the SV is better at turning that my Vstrom.

I invite anyone interested in Moto Gymkhana to find a local chapter or visit my web blog page and check it out. It's addictive! I'm excited to be here...
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