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Hello all-

I know someone who just purchased a used '03 SV1000. I don't know the history of the bike, but it seems to have a slight hesitation when you goose the throttle at idle. I have not ridden the bike yet, so I don't know its riding characteristics.

The bike has Micron pipes on it, I think they are slip-ons. There is a PowerCommander, I can only assume someone loaded the correct map into it.

Does anyone have any ideas what might cause this condition? I'm going to have him bring the bike over to check the map, and upload it if need be. Since I don't know alot about SV's I thought maybe you guys would have some ideas.


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Sounds like you are doing the right thing so far.

Dynojet has a lot of maps on their site.

More detailes info is needed to realy tell what the prob;em could be. RPM range, does it happen all the time, when the bike is cold, hot, is it in a certain gear, etc?
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