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Here's a big HeyHey From Staten Island, NY (Stranger told me to write that...)

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Hey all,

I was guided to this fine site by a friend in London who has an SV650, and I'm glad he did.

I'm planning on taking some lessons and getting my license this spring (one of many I'm sure.) In talking to a lot of friends about bikes, I always hear great things about the SV650's, like "I got one because its a great starter bike, but then never wanted to get anything else". You can't get much better of a sales pitch than that right?

If anyone knows of any well respected school in NYC/Staten Island, I'd appreciate the suggestions. I'm of course also looking for a SV in the area.

Z (Dan)
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Welcome! Good that you taking the MSF....Here in Cali I believed all schools are the same since they're approved by the Highway Patrol, don't know how is in NY but should be similar.
the msf website (, I think) will have locations in your area listed. Unfortunately, msf around NYC is very expensive and the classes fill up very fast. I'd reserve a spot Asap if you want to ride this year.
Thanks for the welcome everyone. Also thanks for the tips on the MSF site which lays out courses. You are correct that there are almost none in NYC. Long Island seems like the best option and it will cost about $350. I'll get something scheduled today.

Thanks again.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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