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forgive me for i am a noob, i Have searched and researched, and have found soo many different answere to my question, it made my head spin...

anyway, i just rejetted, yoshi RS-3 slip on and K&N, and it runs absolutely perfect, except for at idle, i put in some 17.5's and went 2 1/2 on the screws. no pop on decel, and goes well on low end. but has a little pop at idle (not a chuff, no misfire) im thinking rich but not sure. i just dont want to go the wrong way when i pull it apart to adjust the screws. ( i dont have the proper screwdrivers to do it while carbs are in the bike. :mad:

any help would be greatly appreciated, I just wanna take her for a ride, and have it run like it should. Thanks
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