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So I went riding in the mountains. (Palomar... second time up there tbe.)
I got low on this one turn and felt scraping right where my shoe was, which freaked me out. I thought it was the foot peg but I guess it was my brake lever.

WTF? Is the stock rear brake lever supposed to be bent like this? I always thought it was just a litttle curved. Apparently, it is not good if it scrapes the ground while riding, so something must not be right.
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That looks EXACTLY like mine after I went down at 50mph when the deer hit me.

I bought a brand new one thinking that one would break when I tried to straighten it. I was lucky, it didn't. Here's what I did. I had an 18" piece of 3/4" galvanized pipe. I but the end of the pipe over the serrated part of the lever and VERY CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY applied even pressure which slowly bent the lever right back to stock shape. I wouldn't have done it without a spare to replace it but now that I know how it's done, I do it again. A new will cost upwards of $65 by the time you get it shipped.
So you're saying it was like that when you bought it?

Otherwise, has Uri Geller been around your neighborhood recently? :lmao:
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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