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Thank you to all in advance!

I just got a Yoshi RS-3C slip on for my '08 650S and I have some questions on the directions that I'm hoping you guys can help me figure out. Here are the directions:

1. Remove stock exhaust header (unbolt exhaust flange and loosen exhaust clamp where stock front and rear header connect)

2. Remove stock muffler with rear header. (Loosen exhaust clamp on rear stock header tube. Unbolt chassis and muffler mounts.)

3. Replace old exhaust port gasket on fron cylinder with new exhaust port gasket.

4. Use cutting tool to cut muffler 2 1/4" from weld. Bevel or sand smooth sharp edges

5. Re-install modified stock exhaust system in reverse order

6. Install supplied collector clamp over slip on mid pipe with bolt to the inside facing down. Install slip on over cut portion of stock system.

7. Apply heat insulator (I assume they are referring to the rubber piece that fitsto the inside of the clamp) to the inside of muffler clamp and slide clamp onto muffler.

8. Mount muffler clamp to outside of stock muffler bracket using stock bolt/washer/nut

9. Drill 3/16" hole in stock header and in the center of hte hole on the mid pipe. Install supplied collector rivet so the head of the rivet is flush on the mid-pipe.

10-11: Clean with rubbing alcohol, check for proper clearance...

My questions are:

1. Steps 1-3, 5 require that both headers be removed. Is this really necessary? Can I just remove the clamp that covers the weld and cut without taking off the headers?

2. Step 3 says to replace the old exhaust port gasket on front cylinder with a new one. I imagine that if I don't go through steps 1 and 2 I don't have to do step 3 (and obviously 5)?

3. I read that using high heat sealant is common. The directions don't mention applying any sealant to the inside of the slip on mid pipe. Is it a good idea to do?

4. The front of the directions say "THIS PRODUCT IS DESIGNED FOR USE IN CLOSED COURSE RACING AND IS NOT INTENDED FOR HIGHWAY USE". So... Am I ok using this for basic street riding? Or should I actually be worried about my application? (Am I just being a B****???)

Thanks guys!

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1-2. Leave everything mounted, cut past the mid pipe and remove the stock exhaust
3. Yeah, but it's not a game breaker if you decide to do this later
4. They all say that to avoid legal obligations.
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