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Help (uber annoyed!)

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I picked up a Viper Micro everything was goin well until I tired to fit the mid pipe on my bike it it was a no go the pipe is to big to get the mide pipe supplied on... I made sure it was the right model etc....

Am I missing something? Shouldn't the mide pipe just slide over my existing cut pipe?

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This seems to be a common issue with Vipers, but is easily fixed. There was a thread on it way back, but I think it got deleted.

Get a hacksaw or Sawzall and get someone to hold the can vertically or clamp it down. Then make four, one half inch deep cuts into the flange where the can fits to the link pipe so that it makes four individual tabs. What I mean by that is, look straight down onto the flange, so that looks like a cirlcle, then quarter the circle like you would a pie.

Then get a rag and some pliers, and gently bend out your new "tabs" untill you can fit the flange to the linkpipe. If you do it right, the clamp will cover the cuts that you made, and allow the flange on the can to cinch down on the linkpipe.

After test fitting them. Get some high heat RTV silicone and seal it all up when you do the final fit.
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Does your sleeve have a flair on it? Mine did. Perhaps the 1st gen mid-pipe they supply you with is different, but I would think it would be quite similar. You can see my midpipe here:

Call them and be sure they sent you the correct part.

Again, I had ZERO problems fitting the pipe to the bike.
If I remember correctly, I had to slide the can over the linkpipe. Not the other way around. And then slide the linkpipe over the midpipe on the bike. I'll have to look when I get home. But yeah, checking with them is a good idea. Doesn't seem uncommon for them to send out the wrong part.
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