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Ok, I'm pretty much an inexperienced noob when it comes to this stuff, and while I've attempted to search as much as possible, I'm at a standstill and don't want to screw up the bike when it comes to wiring this thing.

I've already looked at Nex's write-up from a few years ago... but that doesn't answer the specific wiring questions I have, as it's more of a generalized instruction set as opposed to more in-depth steps.

When I bought the bike, the tach was already screwed up. It took a final hit when I dropped it today when removing it to make room for the Vapor.

So, I'm going to re-use the existing tach/speedo's cables so it's easily removable.

For the life of me, I just don't understand the wiring diagram in the stock manual.

Anyone out there able to give me a layman's piece of advice? Here's my question.

I have the tach/speedo end of the wiring harness. I'm choosing to use (since I have the dashboard lights) High-beam, Neutral, Turn Signals, and Fuel. The main issues I want to know and have set before finishing this are connected the dash lights, and powering the unit.

A) What cable do I splice these into?

B) How do I connect the power to the Vapor itself? Can I tap into one of these cables? I prefer doing the System Tap, but I have no idea what cable (color) to use.

I think I could handle the rest. The temp sensor, rpm sensor wire, and the magnet sensor all seem pretty easy and are easily connected to the vapor.
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