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Hi all!

I could use a few tips and tricks for my gen 1 build. Still need a few parts to complete my gsxr front forks + rear wheel;

- brake lines front; i have a k6 600 front with the tokico calipers. Does it have to be this year and model type of lines? Do I need a 2 line or 3 line system (like the sv oem system)?

- front fender: any recommendations regarding a front fender? Im looking for a café racer minimal fender so prefer a metal one which I can cut.

- rear sprocket; looking for a 325 t46 sprocket. Does it have to be a gsxr k6 600 one like my wheel? Any brand recommendations? Seems very difficult to find one... (ordered the Zoran kit and he rec. this sprocket. Must be flipped on the wheel so need one with a stepup.

Any links to the right parts are very appreciated.

Thanks! 🙏🏼
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