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help! oil leak

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i went for an hour ride in stop go trafic today, and found an oil leak underneath the starter, i think is what it is, on the front side of the engine, its not super bad, and not dripping, but this scares the **** out of me, should i be worried? I'm a tad bit lower on oil but nothing much, i cleaned it up and went for a 5 min spin and no more leaked out, could i have overheated it? I have an '02 with 13K miles on it
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Do this:

Go to Wal Mart and buy some spray deodorant.

Clean the underside of the engine where you see oil really well with Simple Green.

Dry it completely with rags.

Spray the area heavily with the deodorant. It will leave behind a harmless talcum powder residue that will show you where the oil is seeping from. Let the bike sit for a few hours.

Once you have that info, come back to us. I'm willing to bet it's your oil filter that wasn't snugged down properly.
its above the oil filter, underneath the starter.
its above the oil filter, underneath the starter.

Do what I said, and then come back.
Check the banjo bolts on your oil cooler. On the cooler side and on the engine side.
i dont believe i have an oil cooler i have an '02 naked model
could it be one of those hex looking bolts right near the side of the starter? maybe it rattle loose and leaked when my bike got real hot.
I'm gonna bet if you give your oil filter another 1/16 to 1/4 turn tighter your oil leak will stop.

listen to me, how could oil flow upward, i thought it flowed down?
pics of leak/area would help.
any other work recently? my 02 had slight oil leak after cleaning the carbs the second time, turns out we nudged the crankcase vent hose off at the top,at the airbox. That motercycle oil is pretty clingy stuff,and if you treat your bike right it's usually pretty clean to and hard to see as a film,until it drips off the bottom of the engine.
Another vote for a picture. Actually, a few pictures from different angles may help us, to help you.
yes, actually i just had a dyno, and he said some hose was roughted wrong and had to tugg on it, and finally found the thing the clothes pin looking thing ataches to inside the engine (neccisary for the dyno for some reason), i dont know what the hell the real part is called, i dynoed 69Hp.

I'll post pics tomorow
ok so i cleaned up the oil leak spot and it hasn't come back, do things like this just happen and then go away? i just dont know
oil leaks usually just don't disappear. So you were probably not 'leaking' oil in the first place.
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