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I'm having a starting issue I can't quite puzzle out. 99sv650x From the beginning:

4 weeks ago, changed the oil/filter etc. with the same 10-40 syn I always do and rode the bike around. Rode around a couple other times parked the bike.

Went to ride again and the starting relay would just click over and over. Traced all connections using a multimeter and all checked out. Battery charged, all switches active and in order. So, I attach my car battery and the engine just barely turns over 50-70 RPM. The bike starts and runs for a total of 10-20 revolutions and stops. I bypass the electronics and hook my battery directly to the starter body and to the starter terminal - same slow crank so my electronics are not grounding potential anywhere

I take apart the starter assuming that a 30amp fuse must be able to survive a starter stall of say 25amps then 12volts/25amps would give me a stator resistance of near .5 ohm. Checked all armiture leads and all checked out. Starter must be fine.

So perhaps the valve timing is off, jumped a tooth and can't transfer air properly. I take the sparkplugs out and the engine turns over fine (though not extremely fast) and figured that didn't give me enough info. Took both valve covers off, checked the cam positions against the timing marks, everything checks out. Base circle to tappet clearances are within specs, chain tensions fine.

Checked carb function and the venturi open properly, I can't find anything that would be affecting engine compression/vacuum breathing adversely. It seems to be some type of parasitic load on my rotating components.

Perhaps the starter clutch is dragging? With the starter out I can reach in with a screwdriver and spin the starting gear freely in one direction but not in the other. Seems to be in order, not sure about torque to turn.

With the stator cup cap off and trans in neutral I can turn the engine over with perhaps 1-2 ft-lbf until the lobes start compressing springs and the torque rises to around 8 ft-lbf. Smooth action, no grinding/scraping heard.

Anyone have a value for torque to turn a sv650 over (sparkplugs out, no compression)?

What in the bottom end should I check, hopefully something less than checking crank main bearing clearances. Can clutch issues pose engine drag problems even while the bike is in neutral?

I hope I'm not missing something completely fundamental...ha, could be though. Thanks for reading my spiel, any thoughts?

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