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Hello everyone,

I have to submit my order by the end of the weekend, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for the colors..

I want my initials on the back in old english writing.. and I want to match my bike. I have a stock 2006 SV650s.. with the baby blue color. Frame is black.

Link to design is

color chart is

If people can just post up designs, I would really appreciate it. :) Do whatever colors you want.. but I am looking for something with blue/black/grey..

I have looked at all the other designs and I just want to see as much as I can before I do mine, but if I like yours, I will ask if I can use it. :)



PS. most recent picture of my bike is below


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Well I'm glad its her that wants them and not you...

ok back to the thread!
thanks for letting us help you design your leathers....
Keep in mind that you are paying for them and wearing them yourself.
Therefore they should be your expression.
Print out the leathers and fill them in with color pencils in all kinds of configurations.
Ultimately you will like one the most.
Again, thanks for allowing our input.
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