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Hi wrutherford,
Welcome to the SV forum! I think you'll find a lot of fun and knowledgeable people here.smiley

Look at the wiring harness that runs to the ignition switch to see if any of the insulation has worn through. Focus on the area that might rub as you turn the handlebars.

If you don't see an obvious fault there, then the components in line after the main fuse are:
1. Ignition switch.
2. Regulator/Rectifier.
3. Instrument meter fuse.

Unplug each of the above component one at a time to see if any are the cause, though I'm not optimistic these are at fault.

I've heard of others loosing the front cylinder in heavy rain, but blowing the main fuse is unusual. The high voltage side of the ignition can easily short out due to moisture, but rain water will not conduct 30amps at 12v! Something is shorting sold to ground.

The stock SV wiring is robust and doesn't blow fuses easily. Often the problem can be traced back to a prior mod/repair. Are you the original owner, and has anything been done to the electrical? Good luck!
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