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Help a new guy fit an exhaust?

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Hey guys ive found a good deal on a used can for my sv650s k8. It is a blueflame tri oval. However this is my first bike and first time trying to fit an exhaust and ive got some questions because i cant figure this out. Does the current exhaust need to be cut anywhere ?

here is what i have so far:

the can , link pipe for the sv650s k8

link pipe attached to can

i was told the first part covering my stock pipe is the heatshield which is then attached to the can but im not sure how i remove this because there are two screws which attach the heat shield to the main pipe but they have been soldered on from underneath...

The two bolts shown here will not turn because they are soldered from underneath..

So i would really appreciate if some one could just clarify how the stock pipe comes off and what exactly needs to be cut/unscrewed and how my new set up fits on..

thanks guys.
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So 2 inches above the weld cut through the whole thing not just the heat shield? and the entire can will come off including some of the exhaust pipe?

also wont i be needing a new heatshield for the new can ?

Thanks for the help!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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