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Hey guys,

New to the riding world here.

After riding my friend's CBR-600 around the block, I knew I had to have a bike.

2 weeks later, signed up for the motorcycle courses.

Finally... 3 days ago bought a used 2007 Suzuki SV650S (pics below) with only 5000kms for an amazing price after searching for 4 months.

I wanted a Sport-bike but due to insurance and registration costs, I decided to get a sport-touring instead.

Now that I finally have a bike, I can’t wait for the snow to melt here in Montreal so I can take this beauty for a spin, and start meeting the local riders.

Next Purchases:
- Helmet
- Jacket
- Gloves
- Pants (maybe)
- Boots (maybe)


- Slip-on Muffler or a muffler-ectomy
- Belly-Pan fairing
- Fender Eliminator
- K&N Air Filter
- Gixxer or ZX-10R Rear suspension (maybe)
- Under-tail (maybe)
- Gixxer Front end swap (maybe, but a must since I am 240lbs)
- Complete Paint Job (a very big maybe, leaning more to the no side, too expensive)

Anyways... that’s my list, any other recommendations?

Now for the Pictures:

(Some pictures didn’t come out as expected because the flash was on, but still good enough)

Thanks for looking

Also, are there any riders here from: Montreal, Quebec, Canada?


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Hi Dipin2988, Welcome to SVR. Nice bike.

If you don't get riding boots get like a boot / shoe. Then if you don't get riding pants you could get knee / shin guards to wear under your pants.

Have fun and ride safe!
I plan to at least get knee and shin guards to put under my jeans.

Welcome to SVR. :hello:
nice bike.

i love the license plate pointer :p
nice bike...enjoy it! always nice to have another Canadian on the forum! GO HABS GO!
Thank you:thumbsup:

Welcome, and contrats from Toronto.

dont "maybe" the boots.

First thing should be the GSXR shock swap. Dont wait. You'll kick yourself if you ride for 1/2 the season, and then change it.

Better yet a ZX10 shock.

Luck and ride safe!
Yeah I want to do the GSXR & ZX10R swap, but its soo expensive

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You can buy a shock for $50 and install it yourself.
I should look into that, but is it that much better than stock?

+1 on boots. Good boots have built in ankle protection. A must for riding.

Consider new tires. A good sport tourer is a good investment if you're doing anything other than slabs.

Change the oil when you get her home and invest in a rear stand and spools at a minimum. You'll need the stand to lube the chain.

And congrats, she looks sweet.
Yes I will get boots, that's for sure, but its just not as high a priority as Helmet, Jacket and Gloves.

Tires.... good point, but the bike only has 5000kms ~3000miles on it, isn't that too early to switch out the stock tires? and no, no track this season, maybe next summer.

Oil change is a definite, oh and a rear stand.... I forgot that.

Thank you.:thumbsup:

Wow nice bike. Looks like you have a nice long list of things you want to add to it. Kudos. With all those things your going to put on it don't forget about a lock and to insure it properly.
I forgot a lock, I will add that to my "To Buy" list.

Thank you.:thumbsup:

Oh tiny question btw. I see on your mods to do list you mentioned the K&N filter. Why the filter over an exhaust if I may ask? Performance wise it won't do anything for the bike. A slip on probably does more but don't expect big bumps in power or so. Just being curious ;).
The list is in no particular order (expect when there's a "maybe" that means I will be more likely to do that after the others), but the filter will help the SV breath better thus improve MPG.

Also, I'd rather do a muffler-ectomy or a muffler-chop over putting a slip-on for one simple reason, and that is to avoid stupid tickets. Here in Quebec, Police love to pick on bikers for anything from a simple non stock turn signal to non stock muffler.

Plus for me (right now) a 6HP gain is not worth $500-$1k so I'm leaning more towards a Muffler-chop or muffler-ectomy.
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