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Just wanted to say hello. I'm Nic, 32, new rider. My brother felt generous and picked me up a 2002 SV650S for an early Christmas gift. Reality is he just bought himself another new bike too and didn't want to ride alone lol.

First time rider, and after doing my research it seemed the SV650S was a perfect bike to start with. She has 6500 miles on her (Lucky score from what I've heard, $2k for her.), never been laid down (hope i'm not the, rides like a charm (with nothing else to compare to, but she sure does purr).


This is a little group shot. My bike is nearest, my middle brother's bike is far right, youngest brother's is in the middle. Middle bro's started life as an 88 XLH 883 Hugger. It's had more work done to it than I have time to type it all out lol. Younger brother's is a Honda, think it's a Shadow 750

Hope to learn a lot from you folks.

P.S. I've already watched Twist Of The Wrist 3 times.

Edit: Forgot to add that Pops is going to look at a Harley for himself when he gets back from traveling. Little brother started a new family hobby lol.

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Are those original tires? If so, get some new ones on there asap!

In any case, check the production date - 4 numbers in an oval on the sidewall like "2601". First two are the week of the year, second are the last digits of the year.

Generally, 5 years is acknowledged as the max. At that point the rubber has dried enough that traction has been reduced significantly.

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Wow, SV650 and Shadow 750. You guys have two of the most reliable bikes ever! At least you'll have HDs to work on ;)
You seriously got a great deal, my SV was my 10th (?) or so bike overall and ever since the beginning I knew it was the one I should have started with. Oddly enough my first street bike was a Honda Shadow (1100 though, wish it had been the 750).
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