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Well as it says, I am messaging you from a Sandwich.

Ahem, sorry i meant to type town called Sandwich, which is located in Illinois, and no do not have a signature sandwich shop :(.

Anyways hi all, my name is Tyler and today i picked up my first SV650 from Iowa! I started out a ninja 250 and decided that i wanted something a little better for my size, a little better looking, and something that sounded like a motorcycle... So i bought an SV and i love it. It is a 2004 blue s converted to n, it has a yoshi trs full exhaust, a pc III, pro taper bars, all the stock parts, and a few smaller things. All the extras were cool but the best part was i managed to get it for $2,700. I brought it home today and added the rear turn signals and am in the market for some bar end mirrors and some front signals, as well as a real shifter peg! Needless to say I am very excited, i have been lurking for a while and i hope to be able to contribute and suck up information!

Sorry for the pics, cell phone quality

Bike strapped down

One of the things we saw on the way down, a man and his dog.
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