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Hello everyone!

I'm 23 years old and have been riding for about a year. Picked up my M1 back in July right after I completed MSF. I've been trolling since I got the bike but this is my first post. I picked up this cherry 01's Sv650s with 2500 miles back in April of last year. I now have close to 10k. I blew up my 87' MR2 and I ride my baby full time. School, work, night, rain, snow, lightning I mean whatever!

Sadly 250 miles after I got her a green Ford Explorer did a nice tap and run on her and I was forced to lowside my baby. Thank god my first mod was frame sliders.

My roommate had an 01 Sv that had been converted from a naked to an s which sadly ended with this...

I bought the dual Ti-Renegade exhaust off my roommate once I purchased my bike. Other than that my only mods are

Dual Ti-Renegade exhaust
Trimming of License plate hanger
Relocated front turn signals(where mirrors used to be)
Relocated rear turn signals(next to the license plate)
Left side bar end mirror

To do list:
1. Rejet Carb for exhaust
2. New tires (I still have the original tires) I know I know! Anyone in the area have a front stand? I have a set of new tires sitting in my room (road smarts since I ride year round)
3. I have some euro belly pan that very few people have in the states that I bought off my roommate.

I will start posting my questions in other sections but I was wondering if anyone knew how to get rid of the scaling on my front shocks? I live like 1/2 mile from the ocean and I'm thinking that's the main cause of this?

Thanks in advance for welcoming me to the family :hug:

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