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Hello From Minnesota

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Hello, I just joined here because I found a SV650 near me that I was interested in. I'm in the position where I have to sell my current bike before I can buy a different one.

I am currently riding a 2002 Suzuki Marauder VZ800. It has an 805 v-twin with carb kit, and pipes. I have been ridng for two years, and I have gotten tired of it. I'm just getting used to it. So my question as a newb is, will a sv650 cure my itch? I know it has 20 more hp, same torque, 75lbs ligher, and an extra gear. I just don't want to buy it and regret it a year later. After I buy this bike, I won't be getting another one until I graduate from college. (another 4 years). From what I've read, an sv can be a quick bike.

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Hi mopar_freak, Welcome to SVR. You will really enjoy an SV or SVS. Good luck!

Have fun and ride safe!
Welcome. Keep the rubber side down.
SV is a fun bike. Last year, I had a Vstar 1100 and I felt like 40's. On the SV,
I feel like Im 22 again. Should go for it.

Make sure to check out the main local forum. They can answer nearly any question you have, as well as a very active Buy/Sell forum if you're still trying to move the Marauder.

As far as the SV being 'enough bike', I would say yes. It fills a niche that a lot of other bikes can't. It's middle of the road in that you can ride it for hours on end and still feel your ligaments, as well as take care of a few mods and have a hell of a time on the track.
Thanks everyone. The bike will mostly be used as a commuter (which I know will work fine), but my brother rides an R6, so I would like something that handles a little better for weekend rides. I'm mostly looking for something with torque like I'm used to, and can handle better. I've seen guys talking about taking these to track days and keeping up with I4s. I have the issue of grinding my foot pegs on the Marauder.

And I'll have to check out mnsbr. Thanks
The 650 is a great overall bike. It is quick and nimble as you have read but by no means can it keep up with an I4 in the straights. Top speed for the average sv is about 130. Maybe you should also look into the 1000. I have seen many 03-04 around 4k. It's a little bit heavier but still has the same attributes as the 650. Good luck.
What is considered "High Milage" for one of these? I found one with 18,000, but that seems like a lot for a "sport bike" style of motorcycle.
Greets from Blaine.

What is high mileage for a bike? Depends on whom you're asking. Most 'sportbike' (I4 types) owners will have a different answer than the GS running adventure tourers, who will differ with the Goldwing crowd.

Most SV owners will agree that 18K miles is not very many, that in fact the motor is just getting broken in at that point. More important is the age and the quality of routine maintenance and care of the motorcycle. I'd much rather jump on an '07 with 18K than an '01 with 18K. That's six years less of environmental abuse (UV, rain, salt air, cold, etc.) which has a detrimental effect on non-moving parts.

If the SV with 18K has been maintained (with records to prove it) and cared for (garaged inside, preferably heated garage during winter) and a visual inspection is positive, start haggling. Use the mileage as a bargaining point and don't be put off by it.

Btw, my '00 has over 116K miles on it and is still running strong; no major maintenance required, the thing just keeps on going...
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Dang, did you pass RandyO mileage wise now?

Btw, my '00 has over 116K miles on it and is still running strong; no major maintenance required, the thing just keeps on going...
Dang, did you pass RandyO mileage wise now?

No. IIRC, RandyO has ~135K on his. Keep in mind, he put most of that mileage on in a much shorter span ('99-'07) and over much harsher conditions (winter, no-track off-road, etc.).

I'm trying to catch up by being the tortoise: slow and steady...;D
True dat :)

I'm trying to catch up by being the tortoise: slow and steady...;D
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