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Greetings from Los Angeles - First street bike!

Hello SVRiders and SVLurkers!

I just picked up a '01 SV650 a couple of weeks ago and -- after passing licensing and MSF -- have been commuting on it since. While the SV is my first street bike, I also own a Yamaha WR450F which I take out the California desert for trail riding... But enough about that; back to the SV. I picked it up at ~9,400 miles with quite a few modifications already done. In fact, one of the PO's was active on this forum and kept a modest build log (Here: which I definitely appreciate.

About me: 23 year old male, UCI graduate, working in Downtown Los Angeles. If youre interested in a serious commitment showing me the in's and out's of the SV or doing some maintenance let me know. I was active in the VW gti community and am looking forward to meeting some riders.

Here's a list of the mods:
Buell headlight conversion
Buel Windscreen
Rear fender eliminator (added LED License plate lights)
Smoked integrated tail light
Frame sliders/ rear swingarm sliders
CRG Lanesplitter folding mirrors
Rhino Moto Bar ends.
LED front turn signals
R6 throttle tube
Stage 1 jet kit
Front suspension upgrade for 190lb rider (GP suspension) - racetech springs and emulators
Stainless Steel Goodridge brakelines
D&D full exhaust (satin black with chrome)
Rear tire hugger and chain guard
Pyramid seat cowl (still have passenger seat)
Clear clutch cover (SV rider group buy) (still have factory cover)
Woodcraft rearsets
Pilot Power tires

Next up:
-Clean chain w/ Kerosene
-Lube chain w/ dupont teflon chain saver
-Change oil with shell rotella 15w40
-Replace oil filter with K&N: KN138
-Flush/Replace coolant with distilled water/silicate free coolant.
-Replace spark plugs w/ NGK (4218 ) CR8EIX Iridium IX Spark Plugs
-Replace air filter w/ oem 1999-2002 SV650 13780-20F00 filter
-Detail bike + Remove parking sticker on tire hugger
-Bleed brake lines w/ dot 4 something (suggestions welcome)
-Replace brake pads w/ (suggestions welcome)
-Brake lube
-Suspension settup o.0

Am I missing anything?

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