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Not sure if I posted in the right place the first time so I copied and posted again.

Hello everyone,
My is Alex. I am in the far east valley of the Phoenix, AZ metro area.
I have been riding since 2003 when i bought my bike. I enjoy being outdoors and doing just about anything (mountain biking, hiking, scuba, hunting, etc). Just had some new tires put on the bike and am ready to start riding again. I saw the forums as I was looking for bike parts and thought "what's the worst that can happen?", so I signed up.
Looking to get out and do some day trips or any trips for that matter. I haven't been on any long rides in a while as friends have moved or stopped riding.
I raced at the local level for about a year, had a minor get off (thanks to someone else... no really!) and haven't been back on that bike since (due to lack of funds). The itch is always there and is currently getting stronger as the bike sits in the garage and cries out to me on a daily basis as I walk by.
I am ready to go riding so if anyone is willing to allow me come along, I would be willing.
Now, off to do yard work that is way overdue!!!
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