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Hello everyone,
my name is paul and i am from the UK, i have 2 SV650's at the moment, both with problems and need expert advice on how to put them right!
The first problem is on my K3 SV650. I have fitted a K5 front end (complete forks and wheel set up) and on the 1st test ride after the repair the speedo was reading around 137mph when i was following a car in a 30mph zone. Can anyone tell me where i have gone wrong please??

The 2nd problem is with my K5 SV650S. I have upgraded the front end to a GSXR1000 K4, but now i am also stuck with a speedo problem! I have visited a local SV specialist, but they just tell me to book it in to be sorted out! I have done all of the work myself so far, so i do not want to be throwing loads of money at a garage to finish my projects!

Can anyone PLEASE help??
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