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Hella hello from Oakland

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I actually hate the word "hella" but it is VERY Oakland.

I've been snooping around and subscribing to threads for awhile, figured it was time to say 'ello.
Got '03 SV650 back in August (first bike ever) and went wide in a corner a month later. Nothing really serious but broke my wrist and had to have surgery. I'm all healed now, got the bike repaired, and been riding since December every single weekend I can. I don't care how cold it is.
Planning a trip to New York summer of 2010 and after much research, decided to turn my naked into a touring-like bike. Just installed the small bugscreen (which broke my heart since I love the naked look) and have a seat from Sargent on order. Plan to take a few longish trips closer to home to see if there is anything else that I might need.

Pleased to meet you all and if any other bay area folks are interested in riding together, please PM me. I try to hit the Oakland hills and beyond at least once a week.
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Welcome :) Rode all those roads when younger.
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