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Held Phantom gloves

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So, I'm female and gloves are really hard to find for me to fit. Every time I'm at a store that sells moto gloves, I try them all on (female and male). I've only been lucky finding one pair of gloves (Dainese) that fit me without pinching in some way, rubbing in a way to indicate possible hot spot, or is too small or large in the wrong places.

I read various things about the Held Phantoms and how they are a very narrow fit. New Enough is a great shop, so I figured I'd try'em out as returns are easy since I couldn't find any in a regular shop, plus there was that handy 10% off coupon. There are a lot of pictures on New Enough's site

I have narrow hands and longer skinny fingers with smallish palms. I don't wear my nails long. I used the measuring guide off New Enough's site to determine that I was a 7.5 glove size. They arrived and... holy crap, they FIT! Woohoo!

The gloves are very well made. I like longer gauntlets as they cover the gap between my wrist and jacket, not to mention better safety.

- The outer thumb, knuckles and gauntlet have a layer of gel pad for impact protection.
- The gauntlet has 2 narrow armor plates on the outer portion, which I wasn't aware of until I received them. They don't hinder except when I move my wrist up at a 90 degree angle and I feel the plates hit the back of my hand--not that I do this often, and it'll be fine once they are broken in more. It's not uncomfortable, just unusual.
- The armor plates in the gauntlet also make the gloves slightly more bulky when you take them off and stuff them in your helmet or bag.
- They are extremely well vented, this is not a good cold weather glove unless you have an over glove.
- The visor wiper is a nice touch and you don't notice it when you're not using it.
- I get great feel for the controls with the kangaroo palms.
- They look badass.

Two nitpicky things: The palms are a light grey material that easily gets dirty (oh no) and the top part of the stingray skin bumps come off very quickly and leave little black dots all around, and sometimes they can rub and leave marks on things or spots on your face (which will only happen until the dots are all rubbed off).

After riding with them for about a month, I'm quite happy with them.
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Hi frick, it's nice having gloves that fit! ;)

If its cold I've heard of people wearing latex gloves under their gloves, I haven't tried that.

I got leather gloves now, they were inexpensive, fit really well but they turn my palms a little black, lol.

frick, have you gone riding around Malibu? I missed a Malibu ride with my friends and they ran into Jay Leno at the Rock Store a few weeks ago.
Yeah, Leno shows up at the Rock Store fairly often. I don't like going riding around there much because it's mostly the cruiser crowd and is always crawling with cops.

I've tried latex gloves under my riding gloves, it's fine in a pinch but I'd not want to ride that way for long periods of time. The Phantoms are wonderful in warmer weather, though without anything else.
I heard that Jay Leno rode his jet bike (I posted a pic of him and the bike at the Rock Store in the funny thread) and it burned the plastic bumper of a car that was behind him, lol.

There's a picture of my friends with Jay Leno in the "what did you do to your SV thread."
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