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Heatshields and the Stock mid exhaust heatshield able to be swapped onto a M4 pipe?

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I was just wondering if the stock mid exhaust heatshield (under the foot peg to the area of the case by the end of foot brake area) able to be swapped onto a full M4 pipe? I think that the mounting springs might get in the way even if it was able to move... but who knows

I'm fairly short so I've had this area hit my ankle a couple times now and while I didn't get burned due to winter temps and several layers of clothing.. I'd imagine it could get bloody hot in the summer... or if I was wearing rain gear (mine doesn't have the exhaust shielding in the rain pants) it might melt them pretty good..

I know I could try taking it off if it is possible (on several bike I had in the past the clamps that held on the shield were welded to the pipe) but I've already put the old pipe in storage... so it'd save getting it out for nothing

I don't mind the targa style shield but the silver is weird looking and the black one would look out of place on my bike I think...

do you know any other heatshields that would fit over this area without looking like a$$ ? ?

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