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Headlight Cleaning Kits - Oxidation

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So my headlights have gotten very 'foggy'. To the point to where at night it distorts the beam.

I bought some 'Headlight Restorer' from NAPA (can't find the link), well, that did not work. ???

Then I went to Wally-World where they have a similar kit, that didn't work either. ???

They both work on my truck and my fiance's car though.

Any recommendations?

Can someone explain to me why this happens please. My bike is kept in my shop and I think I've only been caught in the rain maybe 3 times for less than an hour at tops.
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It says "SV" on your signature. The round headlight isn't plastic (at least on first gens). Put a couple of tablespoons of playground sand in the headlight, a bit of water, and shake around for a while. I'm assuming that the headlight is dirty on the inside.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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