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Here are a few handlebar dimensions, it's not a big list but the info can be helpful. Many of these bars can be cut down if you prefer a narrower width.
They are all 7/8" OD. Sorry; I do not have the actual part numbers.

Brand-------------------Width mm--------Rise mm-----Pullback mm

Coerce---------------------690------------ 30----------100
Renthal Ultra lows----------725-------------75-----------95
Renthal Streetfighter-------755------------100-----------80
Renthal Low---------------730------------105----------125
Renthal Medium-----------725-------------115----------105
Renthal High---------------710------------120-----------105
AFAM superbike------------730-------------80------------80
LSL Sport Tourer-----------680-------------45-----------110
LSL superbike lows---------740-------------50-----------140
LSL superbike--------------760-------------70-----------150
Rizoma Conical or Std.------720------------ 75-----------105

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My dad is running a pro taper mini hi bar with pro taper risers. The added width is a huge improvement over stock.

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everything is 7/8ths
but if you're sticking bars on the S you need to find a weird setup that wont hit the windshield...
also make sure the ends of the bars are long enough as the typical mx bars may not have the room for the controls and pods
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