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Hamicad FE with high mount pipe

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Has anyone done or know if it is possible to run a mid or high mount pipe with the Hamicad FE. I am also using the stock turn signals. Im up in the air whether I want the M4 or Yosh RS-3 full system.
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nobody knows?
I've got a Hamicad FE with a Holeshot high mount. I made some brackets to fit behind the license plate and attached Watsen Designs mini LED blinkers to the brackets. To fill the old turn signal holes in the FE, I put in some u-bolts and use them to hook my bungee net. It works out great and I didn't have to drill into the fairing or FE. I have pictures at work and can post or email them tomorrow.
I have the Hamicad FE and a Micron highmount. I bought the hamicad FE just because it reuses the stock signals. Anyway to answer your question, yes you can make it work. Your 2 options are tilt your muffler away from signal then tighten clamp, or take apart signals and use a razor knife CAREFULLY to trim down the rubber stalks until the whole assembly will clear the muffler. When I first installed it the signal was just touching the muffler( I have an oval carbon fiber muffler). So until I got around to fixing this it didn't even melt. After I got my dyno tune done and a tre mod it started to melt alittle, so then I trimmed the stalks down. Sorry I don't have any pics for you. Hope that answers your question.
thanks guys.
Here are some pics...

Right side view, left side is exactly the same.

Looking behind the license plate.  Each signal is mounted to its own bracket.
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