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HA! yet another tire thread

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So I know I'm gonna get flamed for another one, but there is a company here locally that has a ton of Dunlop Qualifiers in stock and the guy said they're going to sell them for $225 a set. I would like to know if you guys think its a good deal, and if you are interested in the name of the company I will confirm the sale price and then pass the info along.....
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That's not a bad price at all.

Pass on the info, if you don't mind.
That is a pretty nice price.

I always pay in the 260 range for them (mounted).
this doesn't include mounting (or shipping). shipping doesn't effect me, but I guess with mounting it falls right around where you pay for em'. What kinda mileage do you get? I have seen a lot of comparisons drawn to the pilot powers, is that a fair assessment?
I really like them, ive put them of two different bikes now. A 07 zx6r and my current 04 SV. The life of the tire depends greatly on how you ride. I notice during the winter tires last me longer because i slow down when im freezing. And i dont go out looking for twisties as often. But id say depending on your riding you should get between 4k-6k out of them.

Ive never ridden on the pilot powers but the zx6r came with bt014's if i remember right. And the dunlops are far superior to that tire. Not sure about the bt016's though, from what i hear that might be a differnt story.
alright, I got a hold of someone at the shop to confirm and it is incorrect. The sale they are going to run is actually on the bridgestone BT-016. He said they will probably be selling them for $230 a set in 180/120 trim (thats what i asked about since I have the 1K) but i can imagine the 160/120 set would be at or lower. The deal should be finalized by the end of the day. Don't know if anyone is still interested....
I'm in Ohio and interested. Which shop?
Sport Tour Ltd.
11386 Reading Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45241
(513) 761-0936

As I said, the gentleman I spoke to (Ray) said they should have their price finalized by the end of the day, so they might now have a # right now, but he said they should have no problem being under $230/set (180/120) since they got a good deal on them. Let em' know you heard about it on SVR if you feel like it. The guys there are great. They always try to work on price for you. I bought my A* leathers (2pc octane) there last season for like $80-$90 cheaper than ANYWHERE (including egay) else I looked. They can't beat everyones prices on everything, but they will try.
That's not too far away. Thanks for the info. By the way, the 021 are a longer life tire if that matters to you. Probably a better street use tire.
I currently have Pilot Roads on it. Bought it with a set on with less than 1K on them (ran over debris and popped the rear, replaced it with another PR just to keep the same F/R) in July last year. Don't need a set, but wouldn't mind something even a little stickier as long as I could get around 6K out of it. Most of my riding is commuting and putting around although I plan on some touring and maybe some twisties this summer...... I dunno.... I just didn't want a decent deal to go by if I could help even 1 person out it would be worth my 30s of posting it (hell I'm lurking around here anyways)
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