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Anyone else install a GSXR600 or 750 shock? I just installed a shock from an '08 600. Stock GSXR600 recommended settings are:

Rebound: 1.5 turns from full clockwise.
HS Compression: 3 turns
LS Compression: 1.75 turns
I weigh 170 in shorts.

I found this setting to be too harsh and basically added some turns to everything. So:

Rebound: 2.5 turns from full - Note: Didn't find much of a difference from 1.5 turns.
HS Compression: 4 turns - Note: Loved this for around town. Would maybe tighten this by 1/4 turn for the canyons.
LS Compression: 3.75 turns - Note: Too soft under hard acceleration. The back squats more than I like. Will tighten this by 1/2 a turn.

So my around town settings as of now:

Rebound: 1.5 turns out from full clockwise.
HS Compression: 3.25 turns
LS Compression: 3.25 turns

Note: The front of my bike has AR-25s in the forks, and preload is 35mm up front, 30mm in the back.
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