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I am trying to determine what front rotors I need to purchase and need some help. I am in the process of swapping an 07 GSXR 750 front end on my sv650. In the process of collecting parts, I have 2 front wheels with the same part number. J 17M CXMT 3.5. The 2 wheels are different. Both fit on the front end, but unfortunately the rotors I have fit on the damaged wheel, but do not fit on the good wheel.

The damaged wheel looks like this:

The good wheel, came of an 06 600 and has wider spokes and looks like this:

neither of these photo's are of the actual parts, but they look the same. As mentioned they both have the same part number. I have done a few searches for pics of an 06 600 and the wheels all look like the damaged one (with the skinny spokes). I'm just not sure what rotors I need and am looking for some insight. Can anybody help?
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