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GSXR 1000 Rear Shock for 1G 650S?

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Sorry if this is redundant, but I've only seen strings for 636, ZX10, Busa or GSXR 600 rear shocks... Anyone tried installing a Gixer1000? I'm 190 without gear...
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I have a 1000 on mine fits but you need new dogbones to bring back to stock height. And you need to cut the battery box.
Do I need to get SV dogbones or Gixer ones? How much does it need to raise up?
Not sure if your bike and mine are the same cause yours is an '02 and mine is an '07 . But I needed 1" raising links look on E-Bay. You will also need the bottom shock bolt from a hayabusa. Look for that at any OEM dealer.
Not sure if you noticed, but this is a 1G thread...

Anyway, just picked up some dogbones from GMslave and will be getting a brand new Gixr 1K shock for $40 off CList... I'll probably do the mod in a couple weeks and post some pics if anyone is interested...
It's too soft and too short for a first gen. Really, there are no good OEM shock swaps for them. The ZX shocks are the best of a bad lot.
I thought the GSXR1000 shock was firmer than the OEM 650SVS shock? I couldn't find the ZX's for a decent price on CL, so for a total out of pocket of $50 for the shock and custom fab'd dogbones, isn't this mod a better choice than stock? Of course I'd rather have a Penske, Elka, Ohlin, etc.... But in these times I can't justify it... And I don't race.

So the question remains, for my cost, is this mod worth the headache and time for better city and backroad carving? Or should I just leave the stocker in and shutup?
Wow... Just got the shock and the thing is HUGE. Anyone following this thread want to buy this thing? 112 miles on it for $40 plus shipping? Anyone want to hook me up with a ZX10?
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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