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Hello everyone, I'm the X-Ray Hound, and I can see through glass.

I'm a brand new SV650 owner, just got her this past Monday, and I'm sooo pleased. Little story how this came to be.

It all started about 4-5 weeks ago, my friends and I were running around the mountains at unwise speeds as usual, and I was as usual making excellent time on my very twitchy, should not have lights and tags on it if I were a reasonable individual, R6. At one stop one of my buddies offered to let me ride his SV. I waffled for a minute, not terribly keen on letting someone else pilot my R6, but he's an experienced track rider and I LOVE experiencing a new machine, so I made a terrible mistake: I said yes.

I'll just sum up my thoughts on riding the bike with what I told him later: "That's the world's fastest Barcalounger." It was so comfortable, so no brain to ride, it was just a complete relief both physically and mentally to be on. I fell in love with, and hence, my mistake: I obsessively had to have an SV650 after that.

Fast forward to this Monday morning, where I saw on Craigslist a very brief, too the point ad, offering a 2001 SV650 for the paltry sum of $500. It had "been run without oil" and wouldn't start.

Well holy crap, Batman, let's roll!

To make a long story short, I had it running within two evenings of lazy work. She's an ugly rat, but there's nothing much wrong mechanically, heh heh. So I'm feeling pretty smug.

I decided to register here because a lot of forums are stingy about searching, and I wanted to look up a few things since there's some minor issues yet, a little clutch drag and I might need some parts sooner or later to de-ratify her a bit, so hey might as well join up and contribute.

A little trivia: This is not only my first SV650, but my first Suzuki after owning at least one of all of the other big four; this is my second water cooled V-Twin after the '89 Honda VTR250 I rode for a while earlier this year; I am a Yamaha guy at heart but the only sporty upright they have is the Fazers, and after several years of flogging an FZ-1 (right tanks, btw, I must have wrecked that bike six times and rode it home all but one) I'm just tired of them.

Thanks for having me, looking forward to good times.
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