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Hello SVR.

My name is Alex and I just took ownership of a 2004 SV650N (affectionately dubbed the "Banana" by my brother). I reside in the Kansas City area and I bought the bike from another nearby SVR member (though he may just be a lurker like myself). The bike only had a dent in the Yoshi exhahust (garage tip-over apparently) and nothing else to gripe about really. Actually it is in very good condition with no other damage. Regularly maintained and commuted on by previous owner.

This is my first motorcycle and I am in the process of acquiring the whole permit/license shebang. In the mean time I browse and try to learn everything there is about my bike. The community here seems polite, helpful, and mature.

Now leave me alone and let me go back to reading the mods and maintenance section!

Oh ... here's a pic:

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