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Hello all, first off I want to say thanks to everyone who's posted here, I've been reading posts and gathering information for a couple months, and this site is a treasure trove of good info. I just got my first bike a couple days ago - 05 SV650N; bought from a member here as a matter of fact. The bike has already had a few things added to it (full list below pics), many of which I was planning on doing in the future anyway, so it worked out well. A little more about me, the name's Steve (big surprise there, huh?), I live in CT, 25 years young and am a restaurant server. I took the MSF course a while back, got licensed and eventually purchased what you see below. It has 15k and change, and I plan on working on it myself unless there's something really wrong, so expect to hear some questions from me (I'll search first, I promise). Anywho, on to the bike!

And here's the list of what the previous owner did:

-Sonic Springs
-Two Brothers exhaust
-Corbin leather seat
-Givi A755 windscreen
-Pyramid plastics fender extender
-DL handguards
-SW-Motech 1" handlebar raisers
-SW-Motech top luggage rack
-SW-Motech Quick-Lock removable sideracks
-SW-Motech Quick-Lock electrical tank topring
-2-way Scorpio alarm with perimeter sensor
-Kisan TailBlazer deceleration break light modulator
-Gerbing heated gear connector
-Givi Traffic II top case
-Hepco&Becker Junior side cases
-Michelin Pilot Road-2 tires

And since some of you may be wondering - I paid $4000. Not a screaming deal, but it's in great mechanical and cosmetic shape, and I'll probably end up utilizing all of the things he's done to it, so I'm very happy. Look forward to posting here and hopefully contributing as well as learning more.

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