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well my dad comes home and goes my dentist stopped riding he said you could have his leather riding pants.
these things are mint condition.
i dont know what model,
im wearing them now and they are so comfortable.
they are leather with some kind of streachy material in the croch
they are size 38 i could probably use a 36 but what the hell free is free.
also i am only 5 foot 4 so they are long but if i can get them shortend up top , from the knee down they would fit great.
i have had em on all nite and rode with them around and havent been sweating at all. +1 for what ever they are.
they also seam very protecive, because the leather is heavy.

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I have FS pants, decent pants, but some of its construction concerns me, especialy after my 65mph lowside. Does it have that "stretchy" leather along the sides to allow a tight fit for your thighs? If so, its like mine, and I did alot of surfing on my left thigh, almost all of the stitching on that seam came undone, I wouldnt doubt I'd be rashed like hell if I spent a few more seconds on the pavement. Good pants besides that.
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