UPDATE: I didn't get any interest in the complete motor, so Ive broken it down. The crank and rods look close to new! Pistons & cylinder bores, all of the trans parts, and the cams all look amazing too! Stator and flywheel are good. Starter is tested good. Cases and clutch/stator cover are all in great shape(and Ill sell those dirt cheap)... Heads are in great shape other than the broken bolt on the front as mentioned below. Let me know what you want, and Ill get you detail pics, and a shipped price that will beat the going ebay rate.

Ill delete this post and list individual parts as soon as I get a chance.

Good motor from a 2007 SV650s with 10,801 original miles on it. Motor ran great when pulled, and bike had no signs of ever being abused, stunted or raced. Transmission shifted smoothly. Oil and coolant were clean. I have not pulled the covers, but have no reason to expect to find any issues inside.

The only issue I can find is one of the front header bolts is broken off in the head as shown in one of the pictures. For an extra $50 Ill fix that(get it out, and leave you with good threads. Ill Heli-coil it if necessary)

I'm willing to ship it if necessary. I get decent FedEx rates specially if you have a commercial address; or if you have a Fastenal near you their store to store freight has been a good option in the past for me too. If you want the motor and need it shipped, let me know and Ill be happy to work with you to figure out the best option. No charge for "packaging and handling".

$550 for the complete motor, local pickup (Mckinney, TX 75072. See above for shipping.)
$600 if remove the broken header bolt
I accept Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, cashap and......
10% DISCOUNT FOR CASH, CHECK OR MONEY ORDER(but I wont ship till payment has cleared).

If it doesn't sell complete I'm willing to part it out, so let me know if you have any interest in the crank w/rods, heads, intake cams(I have extra intake cams around here too), clutch assembly, clutch or ignition cover, stator, flywheel, cases, transmission add so on... If I tear a motor apart Ill inspect every part; and it will bring a lot more money than it will together; but I'm tight on time, so Id rather just sell it complete for less...

I dont check my PMs here very often, so your best bet is to text me at NINE.seven.TWO-989-4OO3, or call and leave a voice mail. You can also email me at [email protected]


Check my feedback here on SVrider, and on ebay too(same user name). I'm a reputable seller, who knows SVs pretty well... I'm just not parting out bikes any more due to other work and family obligations, so I'm clearing out my extra parts.