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going rate for a zx10 shock?

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I keep seeing people post on the board that you can get a zx10 shock for $50-$75. i am not finding anything even close to that price. best I have seen is right around $100 + shipping. just wondering what the market value is for these things. If its over $100, cool. I just dont want to pay more than I should.

also if you have any tips on where to get one for a fair price, I'm all ears. thanks.
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I have a 04-05 zx10 shock I will sell you for $50 plus shipping.
My girl managed to snag me one for $50+ shipping last week off ebay. She lucked out because it was a buy-it-now for a good price. Most of the shocks I've seen have been close to the $100 range lately. Someone on here posted up that they had seen on the ZX-10 forum where people were suggesting driving up the price on used shocks since we always snag them.
I got one for $50 on Ebay. I started looking in Ebay stores and in about a week I found three. I was just waiting on the right one with the color scheme I wanted. Be patient or go ahead and spend the extra coin.
I believe I paid somewhere between $70-$100 for mine. Go ahead and buy one when you find it. Whats another fifty bucks. Wasn't there a thread in here about the prices on the 06-07 shocks going up in price due to the demand from us and Kawi riders? People were mentioning sales of $200+ if I remember correctly.
I paid $76 shipped for a shock off a 2007 Special Edition ZX10R on Jan 12th. It took a couple weeks of searching on Ebay to get it as most were 100-175. Just gotta keep looking and you'll get lucky. Unless you are in a huge hurry, then you might be stuck paying the inflated prices.
I wonder why there are so many used ones available? I know some are from wrecked bikes, but are the ZX guys upgrading their shocks to customs?
I wonder why there are so many used ones available? I know some are from wrecked bikes, but are the ZX guys upgrading their shocks to customs?
i've bought two 06-07's for about $40 each. Both were from bikes converted to track/race bikes
i also just bought a zx10r shock off ebay a few weeks ago, paid $50 + shipping. they are out there, you just have to wait for the deal to come along.
i went on and got one for 80 shipped
Do just the 06-07s work ? What about the 04 and 05's ? They look exactly the same.
They both work. However the 06-07 are usually a lot harder to find. They have a 90 degree angle reservoir, where the 04-05 had a 45 degree. The 90 degree prevents you from having to cut the battery box for install.
thanks, but that one looks like beat up booty.

.... so for you guys that are getting them for around $50 are the 06-07s? ive seen some older ones for around that price but i think all you svriders are bidding up the price of the ones i want :)
do the gsxr shocks require any modifications to install?
do the gsxr shocks require any modifications to install?
They require you to trim the battery box to accomodate the oil resevouir that extends at an angle from the shock body.
I just picked up a 2007 zx10r SE shock for $59 plus $20 for shipping. Anything less than $100 shipped is a good deal, especially since I think there are worth way more than that. Installation was a breeze, except for that **** plastic panel that protects the battery box. It seems like the special edition shocks go for a little less. Maybe becasue people think they are the zx14 shocks since they are black and silver.
I picked my zx10r shock for 55 shipping included before I got my zx14 and then turned around and sold the zx10 for 70 shipped.
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