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going from S to N should i sell the fairing?

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OK so, i'm planning on going N(ekid)

what would you do? would you part out?
would you attempt to sell the whole setup for a good price?
should i keep it stored just for the Resale value?
or should i keep it in case i change my mind?:rolleyes:
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Depends on the shape, year, color, etc. I typically see the front fairing sell for about $80 a piece depending on condition. The center piece sometimes for less or more if a windscreen is included.
yes but i am refering to the headlight, stays , clocks, windscreen, everything

(OF a 1st Gen) how much should i ask!? 300-$320?
Keep it for a little while in case you change your mind. Take a picture of it next to the bike intact in case a future buyer is concerned you wrecked it. Sell it and put the money towards a penske or something (but keep your old shock to swap back).
Especially considering the G1 really looks better naked, I doubt you're going to lose anything on resale by taking it off.
I'm not sure I would try to sell it in an 'all in one' package. Most people who are buying the S parts are trying to repair one or a few damaged parts. You always get more from selling individual parts anyway. For instance, I'm trying to locate a blue left fairing piece to complete a restoration of my '01 SVS.
I sold all my fairings together but parted out the rest to various people. I knew I never wanted to go back to faired so it worked well. It payed for everything thing I needed to go naked and then some cash on top of that. Good Luck!
Did the same mod a couple of weeks ago. And since I had decided to go for a complete change, I got rid of everything that was left on the shelf after the workout.
Well alright, I have to admit this sell brought enough money to buy parts that I needed to finish the mod or improve suspension :nana:

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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