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im looking to upgrade a few things on my bike which is a gladius 650. they are the common upgrades but i just didnt happen to see the specifics on what i wanted to know

1. i was wanting to upgrade the front end to gsxr. i was wanting to get a complete setup off ebay such as this.

question is what is best: 600 750 or 1000k forks or are they all the same.
also if i got that ebay item is that all that i would need to switch it over.
any issues fitting or nice easy direct fit on everything? anybody got a link to a good step by step walkthrough of switching it out?

how good is the steering stabilizer thing? never rode a bike with one

2. the rear suspension what is the most suggested? zx1000? direct fit? also any walkthrough links would be great.

do these upgrades lower the bike? id love it if i could get it like 1-2 inches lower

im guessing that even though they are very similar the sv650 exhaust do not fit the gladius. so assuming that, are there any good non race spec full exhausts out there? i looked and havent found anything. do i have to get it remapped with the gpr midpipe and a aftermarket muffler? is that something i can do myself or have to take it to a shop? am i just better off getting a can and calling it quits?

what ive done so far:
tail tidy
bar end mirrors
frame sliders
swingarm sliders
engine crash cage

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As far as the exhaust is concerned...I can speak about the slip-on muffler scenario. I installed a Yoshimura slip-on on my wife's 2009...along with an aftermarket airfilter and an electronic tuner. There are "Delete pipes" out you can remove the catalytic convertor...this would free the motor up some. If you delete the factory exhaust...I would think you need to also do tuning. The slip-on muffler takes @ 5 minutes...the tuner @ 30 minutes...all these are very simple upgrades. I've not ventured into suspension I can't comment on that. The stage 1 upgrades I did to my wife's bike did make subtle improvements...less perceptible than my V-Strom 1000.....but I think it runs slightly better.

Good Luck,

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