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Given the economy, are you spending less on the bike?

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We all know the economy is in the crapper, but I was wondering if people are finding it difficult to stop or even slow down on spending for the bike.

Basically, I just dropped $250 this month and am feeling sheepish about it, not that I regret it. It was stuff I would have bought eventually anyway.
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I just spent a bunch of money on gear and mods and I feel a bit guilty...not that I'm returning them, but I do feel guilty.

that said, I'm definitely reigning it in and not spending any more money than is absolutely necessary.
Yes.... trying not to spend on my hobbies..... but sometimes I get crazy still.

Buddy gave me a raincheck for 9mm ammo from Dicks Sporting Goods..... had to do it... ended up spending $280 on 3 cases of ammo, but I saved $140 doing that based on current selling price of the ammo....

The 919 will just get basic maintaince this spring.... thats it....

The big one is..... the GTO..... I plan on having it painted, but only because my Body Shop manager wants to do it, for basicly 1/3 of what it would cost me normally. And as some people know in the auto business, who knows where I will be working a few years from now..... gotta take advantage of this now.....
I bought new tires a few weeks ago but that's all I have in my budget for a while.
As long as I keep my job I'm going to spend the same amount.

Maintenance stuff, tires, and new helmet (my current one just turned 6).
Economy is fine. Bike is fine. Spend money. Yay.
He11 no! Spending more on the bike, saving more on the gas. At this rate, my cars will last until I'm 70!
I'm taking it easy. Monthly bike budget $250 that includes gas.
I stopped buying and are actually selling most of my spare stuff
and have no money for track days in sight :(
I'm just wondering when the bike industry is going to go nuts and put everything on sale.. thats when i'm going to start buying tons of stuff
Just when I was getting to that point with bicycles (mainly because I'd pretty much topped out the available tech there), my wife suggests motorcycles... And the addiction begins anew.
I'm selling stuff around the house I don't use and putting the money on the side for summer's gas money.

On the bikes, only maintenance stuff.

EDIT: Sorry, I'm planning on getting 2 scottoilers for the bikes and getting the Z custom mapped. Also new tires/chain/sprocket for the Z.
Just had tires mounted, and finished rebuilding the forks with parts I had for a while with no time to install them. Looking to keep spending low, but want to do a sprocket and chain swap. It's a bit of a quandary. That, and I'd like to get the vlaves checked and adjusted one of the upcoming weekends before the season opens up and have to take her OoC for a week or so waiting. Harumpphhh. It's so very trying.
Spending like mad! Got the tax return and the landlord gave me a free month's rent to boot.
I am a recession buster.
so far I've managed to only spend the money that I have from selling other hobby type stuff, but without revolving hobby income, I'd be totally broke. craigslist supports my hobbies pretty much 100%
Spending about the same.. But I was making less, it sucks being a sales guy. I recently taken a second job as an outside sales rep. and make more now... go figure.

Just bought springs and oil, stands, metal bar, and material for my custom rear seat bag (it clicks into the rear seat lock)
Actually, 09 may be my banner year for dumping money into the SV. Been holding back the past two years because of the uncertainty of my job's future. Now that my plant was chosen as the survivor, and my debt is finally starting to get under control, I got to make up for lost time.
Im trying to buy all the parts I need until I am home and have to pay taxes again :(

When I do get home my budget will go from $500 a month to $50 a month.
Since I bought my bike, I have successfully managed to keep my spending to necessary things (maintenance, tires) only. "It's perfectly fine the way it is." I told myself. "It's not like you ride fast enough for that stuff. You don't need to spend that kind of money on yourself."

.... until now. :p

Some personal events in the past 6 months have reminded me that life has no guarantees, so you might as well enjoy it while you can!

On order is a new Penske rear shock, and I am gathering the parts for a GSXR front end swap. I have a bellypan waiting for the weather to warm up so I can paint it without filling my house with fumes. I am trying to decide what exhaust to buy - so many options...

And modding my SV is WAY cheaper than a new Speed Triple...
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