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GIpro - Gear Indicator with Advanced TRE & TPS adjustment

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Has anyone tried this product on their 2007 SV1000?

Or should I go with a basic TRE setup first and then maybe buy into this product?

I am a new 2007 SV1000s owner coming from a Katana 750 and there is obviously some major differences in the bikes. I like the handling and weight differences. Power seems good but you can never have enough and if installing a TRE is going to help then I am all for it. Also does anyone know if I need to install a TRE and adjust the throttle position sensor? Thanks.
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The benifits of a TRE are arguable. Ask a half dozen people, get a half dozen different answers.

You should still check the TPS and do a TB sync. Neither is effected one way or another by a TRE.
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