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Getting my SV tonight!!!

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Hey guys, i posted in the introduction forums about a week ago and now im getting myself an SV.

Its an 07 with little less than 4,000miles on it. Already has buell headlight swap and is the dark red color. Looks to be in pretty much perfect condition. Giving $4000 even for it, which i think is a decent deal. Oh yeah and its the naked styling...

Ill post some pics later tonight, after i get it!!
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Congrats, good price too. Get some good gear and ride the hell out of it.
Enjoy! Welcome to the fam!
Ride the everloving p!ss out of it!

And then come back and tell us about your adventures :)

Does it still have the factory rear fender? If so, check this out.

This is a pic of it.. took it with my phone so it may be a little grainy and the headlights were on lol. The guy had the headlights wired where both of the headlights are on constantly... so i can't switch between low and high beams. Would you guys suggest changing it back or what?

Oh yeah and it also has an aftermarket viper exhaust. I honestly love the way it sounds.
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yeah, nice bike. sliders exhaust, your set!. Looks good and seems you got a good deal.
Still has them crap tires on it. Use them for another 2k and then swap them for something better.
Congrats, great looking bike.
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