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I was able to adjust the throttle position sensor on my 2017. I did briefly put the bike in dealer mode and got C00 (no hyphen), so no errors. According to the service manual, the bike does not have to be in dealer mode and the engine does not have to be running for TPS adjustment. And I didn't need to do the dealer mode check.

First, I needed to get the voltage reading. Suzuki sells a special coupler for that. I could have tried to stick some pins into the existing connector, but luckily for me, I already had a Bazzaz piggyback harness that I removed last year and had already butchered to make a gear position sensor coupler. So I cut off the TPS portion of the Bazzaz harness to make a TPS coupler. The correct voltage is between 1.10 and 1.14 volts for the throttle closed and 4.34 to 4.54 for fully open. My reading was 1.07 closed. The open reading was in spec.

To adjust the sensor, I picked up a T25 torx security tool from the hardware store. Unfortunately, I over tightened and stripped the torx screw which holds the sensor. I had to go back to the hardware store for an M5 .8, 14mm screw. I got a regular phillips head instead of a torx. I finally set the voltage at 1.13/4.45 and called it a day.

The bottom line, I noticed no change in my bike's performance or smoothness at all. I might revisit this and try doing the adjustment with the engine running, even though the manual doesn't require it, but I can't be bothered. Hopefully, this post will prevent someone from wasting their time on Gen3 TPS.
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